Tribute to the working mother 2014


It is International Mother’s Day yesterday, we pay tribute to working women who find time to do it all.

Some days I’m not even sure how it all gets accomplished!

As a working  mum we do not just need time management,  we need guilt management.

The life of a working mum

Let’s face it: Many of us work crazy hours for companies. We travel, if we’re married our spouses often travel, we help our children with homework, we take them to tuition ,  sports practices and games on weekends, we do mental gymnastics figuring out carpools for the kids, we cook (sometimes!), we clean, we garden, and many of us also need to attend to aging parents and relatives.

As we dash out the door in the morning to work at a frenetic pace and getting the kids off to school, we watch our non-working neighbour and friends leaving for that leisurely game of tennis or spa treatment – and sometimes how we wish we were just like them.
Lesson learned along the journey

I instinctively knew as I became a working mother 33 years ago , I would face  challenges in balancing everything, but  it was not until that day actually arrived that I could appreciate them!

Some advice I received along the journey: 

  • Believe in yourself – you can do it.
  • Realize that work/life balance is a myth. Put boundaries around yourself and know when to say no.
  • Put aside the do-it–all by yourself concept. Know you’re not alone – ask for help! The more  you ask, the more you’ll get.
  • Work for a company that is of supportive to women, their careers and their families.
  • Find a neighborhood where you can count on neighbors and some sense of community. These are hard to find but they do exist! I am fortunate to be surrounded by a very caring community.
  • Simplify whatever you can and be organized.
  • Pull others along once you’re established – help those who follow behind you. Remember that not everyone was blessed with great parents, leaders, colleagues and learning moments, so we have to help each other.

To working mum 

Dearest fellow working mum you are the Best:

Contributing to the family income, brought the kids up with kindness. We have our fair share of mistake, say with compassion ” its ok to make mistakes” everyone has their learning moments.

To those who are not a working mum

Give a working mum a pat on the shoulder and say you are magnificent, keep up the good work!

To all of those who have helped a working mom: Thank you!

From all of us at Synergy TAS we wishes you continued success in all that you do with your families and your careers. You are going to make it!


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