Our journey begins with you

Synergy TAS PLT is a professional training and seminar providers. Created to serve a unique cluster of accountants and tax professionals. It is fun and exciting 10 years, we grow and expended. Now we focus on training in the field of tax, business law, managerial training and effective utilisation of office software. Now we serve more managers, directors, financial controller, director, c-suites and people like you.

Our believes ..

We had challenges attending high quality training in the field of taxation, management training and software. Many speakers are just speakers. They do not have real life working experience. We believe only those who gets their hand dirty and do the real work can provide practical solutions and truly understand the challenges of our audience. Speaker of this profile is hard to come by. We are grateful to work with three wonderful practising speakers.

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We focus on four things

As a seminar and training company. We focus on four areas: Business Law, Tax Planning, Management Training and Business Software.

Business Law

Long gone days when business leaders only rely on company secretary or lawyer. The duty is heavy. Leaders of the company need to be well informed personally.

Office Software

Leaders now need strong software skills. Especially Powerpoint (presentation), Words (persuasive writing) and Excel (analysing and present trends).

Tax Planning

This is what we are known for. Tax planning training has been our forte for the past 10 years.

Management Training

Brushing and shining much-needed skills. Preparing managers and company leaders for the battlefield.

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