Practical 2 Phases Excel Training : Intermediate and Advanced Level

Ultimate Excel

What you will gain from this program :
Master the Excel skill AND have the Certificates to proof it. 


We are Certiport and Microsoft Authorised Testing Center. The Excel Skill Certification Exams are Internationally recognised and directly issued by Microsoft.

What is included?

Learning + Practice + Exam

We got all your needs covered. We include learning, practice test and exam. 


This programme is divided into TWO PHASES.

(7 hours 32 minutes)

  • Online Self Paced Learning Course (2 hours 32 minutes)
  • Practice Training (2 hours)
  • 2 Mock Exams (2 hours)
  • Actual Exam (1 hour)

(9 hours 43 minutes)

  • Online Self Paced Learning Course (4 hours 43 minutes)
  • Practice Training (2 hours)
  • 2 Mock Exams (2 hours)
  • Actual Exam (1 hour)

What is the program about

Course Information

Excel is a SKILL. It can be Learnt, Mastered and Recognised.

Excel Training has evolved. There are so many convenient command and functions to ease your workflow. Once mastered this skills, Excel can be a humble and trusted friend. Making work so much smoother and enjoyable. 


When you mastered Excel and carries the title of Certified Microsoft Office Specialist you can do so much more as a leader in your Team, Company and Community. 

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Our Unique THREE Steps Process

Here's how it works



Learn the necessary concept and functions. Know what is what and how to use them. Get the concept and ways to use it.



Excel is a Skill it is not a spectator sport.  

We will put what you learn into action, by practicing the skills in our special Excel Practice software. Where your skills will be put into use and if you made a mistake you will get instance feedback. Where correct answer is accessible immediately.

MASTERY is just about TRULY own the technique. Effectively use the technique until it become your second nature. 



Internationally the passing rate is approximately 60%. We are glad to say we have an above 97% passing rate. 
(Passing score: 70%).

All this is not by accident. We put in a lot of time and effort to improve and change our system. Until we come up with this learning journey which is repeatable and able to show a consistent result. Many candidates have done it, you can do it too!

It is awesome to have the skills and the certificate to proof it!

Why they signed up for
this Ultimate Excel Training Programme?

Real reasons from candidates who recently signed up for this programme. 

Skill + Certification speaks it all.

At the affordable price of RM 900 for TWO Internationally Recognised Certification

Wait No More? Get the rare opportunity to Learn and be Recognised by Microsoft from the comfort of your home.

This is highly convenient regardless of your location is, take this opportunity and get certified today.


Here's the answer to some popular questions.

We don’t just provide training. We are also exam center for Microsoft office Specialist (MOS) Exam. We dont’ just stop at “teaching”, we need to make sure you really master the skills.

RM 900 for this ultimate training program. In fact this is a package price. It include both the intermediate and advanced level excel training. The content ranges from to Pivot Table and macro to formulas and powerful command.

There is no prerequisite. But we would prefer if you have basic understanding of Windows 10. 

You will be learning the latest edition of Microsoft Excel, ie. Microsoft 365/2019.

You will get all that you need. Which range from access to the learning videos, practice software and exam. You do not need to spent extra on things like books or other licensed materials. 

We provide 4 mocks exam in this program. So candidates are really ready before sitting for the exam. In case you really do fail, we keep the re-sit fee very low at RM 150. You just need to pay for the re-sit fee. And again before re-sit you will go for mock exam first before the actual re-sit .

Our training and exams are conducted online. We have students even in Taiwan , Japan and many international candidates. It can be in any areas in the world so long as you have a stable internet. 

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