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The way we do business is affected by Law, tax and management. We 

Company Law

Companies Bill 2015 [ Part 1] : Summary of Obsolete Concept

On 4th April 2016, Companies Bill 2015 was passed at Dewan Rakyat. It is time we start to take a serious look into what this HUGE WAVES of change is all about and what you have to do or know about it. Since Companies Act 1965 (CA 1965) was a COMPLETE CHANGE, this would simply

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Company Law

The Journey of Companies Bill 2015 [with Infographic]

To do in 2016 : Learn up on provisions of Company Law Last year we have witnessed for the very first time in Malaysian history the introduction of a significant brand new tax regime in Malaysia (ie. GST). Again, this year we are witnessing a revolutionary change with respect to COMPANY LAW – the birth

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