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Renovation and Refurbishment

“Renovation & Refurnishment is one of the most exciting tax deduction available in 2020/2021. We are looking at RM 300,000. That’s a big sum to claim 🥰. No more guessing required. the gazette order has been published [PU(A) 381/2020] just before the new year. There is some bad news to this.

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Test your GST know how : 8 Unique Features of Malaysian GST

Click the button below to start the test.   [button title=”Test Your GST Know How” icon=”” icon_position=”” link=”http://mosexam.com/synergytas/elearning/8features/story.html” target=”_blank” color=”” font_color=”” large=”1″ class=”” download=”” onclick=””]   Next Wednesday is THE BIG

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