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Ebook : 50 Alternatives to Retrenchment

What's included
  • Need not cut staff. But salary and benefits need to be slashed. There are 23 ways this can be done.
  • Retrenchment come into the picture, especially when the staff is doing nothing. These 19 ways don’t touch the salary or the staff, but will bring the work and money back to the company.
  • There are many non-staff related cost to look into. Now that you are in the momentum of cost cutting. Why just stop here. Post MCO, there are so much more you can do. To cut the cost deeper and wider.

No one can accurately predict how long this global recession will last. One thing we are certain is company’s cashflow is drying up. Income is not coming in. Paying salary is now the largest burden.

If the objective is to keep the company alive long enough to sail through this tsunami of recession. Ensure company has sufficient bullet to survive and recover post crisis. Layoff staff may not be the right choice.


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