On the verge of entering the 4th phase, Recovery, we remain focused on completing the nation’s current journey from Restart to Recovery by rolling out a set of strategic initiatives to propel forward the nation’s economic growth.
The Government now unveils PENJANA (Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara) or the National Economic Recovery Plan. This Government is committed to taking an inclusive and holistic approach to Malaysia’s economic recovery, and it is important to us that everyone is part of this journey. Towards this end, PENJANA will focus on 3 key thrusts – Empower People, Propel Businesses and Stimulate the Economy. 

This 53 pages booklet by MOF outlines the details of PENJANA’s initiatives. If COVID 19  caught you by surprise. You missed out on the COVID load, it is time to take action early this round. See what is available and make the best out of the circumstances. 

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