New GST book for retailer

The GST is coming real and near. The Act has been gazetted with the confirmation date to be effective on 1 April 2015. Business operators, in particularly retailers are greatly affected by GST as they have no experience in sales tax and service tax. The concept on GST is entirely new based on input and output concept with the working on tax invoice. Knowledge, skills and experience need to be equipped in the shortest possible time to embed the GST model and methodology into the business system.[br][br]
I have just completed a book on “An Uncle’s Guide to GST for Retailers” which is a complete coverage on retailers with the GST impacts on the various expenses. It has 276 pages with retail price RM90. I enclosed herewith the order form for your consideration as the promotion price is RM68. The promotion period ends 20 August 2014.[br][br][br]
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These are the contents of the 12 chapters:[br][br]
1. GST concept & mechanism
2. GST registration
3. Non-application of GST
4. GST Rules on Input tax
5. Tax invoice
6. Import: Goods & Services
7. Taxable Period
8. GST Return & Payment
9. GST Computerisation
10. GST on Business Promotion
11. Transitional Issues
12. Penalties & Offences[br]
Special promotion straight from the publisher.[br][br]
[button link=”https://powerfulmanager.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Book-order-form-20140714.pdf” target=”_blank” shape=”square” size=”medium” outline=”no” color=”black”]Book order form[/button][br][br]

Direct bank in to “INFOWORLD”[br][br]
CIMB A/C No. 8006896563[br][br]
Thereafter fax the deposit slip together with this form to 603 – 7727 4491[br]


For more information, please kindly contact Mr Lai at 012-627 2293 or email to order.infoworld@gmail.com .

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