Maximise Tax Refund in Year 2020

2019 is coming to an end. We generally don’t think much about Taxes except during the Annual Tax Submission season. It’s probably the most dreaded time of the year for millions of fellow Malaysians.

To MINIMISE the Pain, let’s do it differently this year instead of waiting until April 2020 (Tax Submission Deadline for those with Employment Income) to sweat and worried about Taxes.

If you are under Employment, a portion of your Taxes already paid out every month as Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD). The Game Plan is :

” By maximise Your Personal Tax Relief, You will Maximise Your Tax Refund.”

Click here for the list of Tax Relief.

Those Who Plan Their Taxes, Win Big on Tax!

Take a look at the Checklist of Tax Relief available for your 2019’s Income. Identify what are the Tax Reliefs available to you.

Have you optimized relief for Books? Planning to buy Computer in 2020, how about buying before year end to help reduce Tax earlier? Consider depositing i-SSPN for the kids?

All the Best with Maximising Tax Refund in 2020!

Checklist to Maximise 2020 Tax Refund

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