Awesome news ! Dr Choong is giving Synergy TAS’s Budget 2021 seminar participant a very very delicious and attractive book promo discount. 

2 tax cases book at a never before special package price of RM 200 only. 

How to order?

Fill up the form, email to pengyou.solutions@gmail.com or contact 012-294 6470.

Book 1

Real Property Transactions

Case Law Precedents 1937 - 2019 by Dr Choong Kwai Fatt

Easily Upgrade your Real Property Tax know how.

apartments, architecture, balconies

82 years of Malaysia tax cases practically packed into one book. Exciting real life tax cases decided in real court. 

Fast, practical and high impact shift in your property tax know how with this one tax cases book. 

The full cases are usually long lengthy, some filled with legal jargons and difficult to understand. This book is professionally summarised by Dr Choong. Making them easily understood and practically compiled. 

Here’s how we would have use this book:

  1. Read the story (ie. the background of the case), know what it the dispute. 
  2. Think of how you would have argued. Imagine you are the judge which side you would be on. 
  3. Compare that with what is actual decision and the reason for the court’s decision (also included in the book).

That way when you go through the thinking process. You will gain practical knowledge and grow fast and substantially. Happy learning and growing !

Book 2

Malaysia Tax Digest 2019

by Dr Choong Kwai Fatt

Want to be really good with tax planning? You need to read tax cases.

book, read, literature

Tax Planning become way much easier when you learn via tax cases. One very important tax principle is : 


All this facts will undergo their test when it is tested in court. 

With the tax cases professionally summarised by Dr Choong with judgement, grounds and argument make avaialbel to you. Understanding tax cases has never been any easier. Grab them while they are available. There are not many copies of this book available in stock. 


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