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PWC reporting on foreign sourced income

FSI : Published by PWC

The following is the extract of PWC’s newsletter on FSI. Issue 32 – 2021 (Dec 30, 2021, 9:21 PM) Developments on Budget 2022 proposals 1. Foreign-sourced income exemption (FSIE) Under

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The Sun daily on foreign sourced income

FSI : Published by The Sun Daily

As extracted from the Sun Daily’s website, on 01- 02- 2022 09:41 PM “THE government has made a surprising U-turn on Dec 30, 2021 after announcing that foreign-sourced income received in

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The edge reporting on foreign sourced income

FSI: Published by The Edge

There is much confusion created by the media and some tax firms. Here’s the original text published by The Edge based on MOF’s press release. We have highlighted the specific

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