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The way we do business is affected by Law, tax and management. We 

Budget 2019

Digital Tax ? It is officially “IMPORTED TAXABLE SERVICE TAX”

Have you heard of “Imported Taxable Services Tax”? It is starting 1 Jan. Covers not just digital tax: They switched keywords from “DIGITAL” to “IMPORTED SERVICES”. Before budget 2019 announced there was a hype on government imposing NEW digital tax. When published in Finance Bill, its coverage goes way beyond that. It is HUGE. Not just online services,

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Sales and Services Tax Act 2018


Finance Minister had tabled the Budget 2019 in the Parliament on the 2nd of November 2018. But one thing is still pending: Businesses and Accounting Practitioners still have yet to receive the Finance Bill 2018. Isn’t that Budget has been tabled? Why do we still need the Finance Bill? That is because the Finance Bill

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