Q & A for Before, During and Post E-invoicing P1 The Gardens (20, 21 June)

Question forĀ  E-Invoicing 2024 (Phase 1 – Session 2)

Dr Choong will pick up the relevant questions and answer them as part of the seminar slides.

If you have more questions you can always submit them during and after the seminar too.

Questions will be answered first-come-first-served (LIMITED to 3 QUESTIONS PER SEMINAR DAY, PER participant).

Have questions after the seminar? Do send them on or before 30 September 2024, limited to 6 questions per participant.

Your name will be kept anonymous.
In case we need to seek further clarification, we will contact you via this email.

Have a Burning Tax Question?

Do include more details. Such as: What is the nature of your business, what you intend to do, what areas of tax you are concern with. Dr Choong can then provide a more targeted answer for your concerns.
Maximum upload size: 516MB
A picture speaks a thousand words. If you prefer to upload diagram or chart to ease explanation of your concerns please feel free to do so.

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