It is long holiday!

Labour Day

1 May 2022

Hari Raya

3 - 4 May 2022

School Holiday

2 - 5 May or 3 - 6 May

This past 2 months has been filled with 

Ukraine War and Basikal Lajak

It is sad to see and hear what's happening.

The skyrocketing of commodities prices. The sharp rise in inflation globally. Also, the recent hike of COVID 19 in China welcomed the recent easing of policy with the open up of the low-risk areas in Shanghai. 


Plus, Malaysia will be going into election season very soon. The tension is building up. 

Peace For Ukraine

Put aside all that is going on

Lets spend the holiday with
Love and Gratitude.

selamat buka puasa

Next Upcoming

Budget 2023

Malaysia experienced an endless political roller coaster over the past five years. 

Budget 2023 is exciting. 2022 is an election year. With our border opened and instability in the global economy. 
Whoever sits on the chair as a ruling party, all eyes await what this newly elected leader can do for the business community and the country.

Look out for our email for the best deal. 

Budget 2023 Tax Planning seminar will be open for registration in June 2022

We love tax planning!

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