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Manage Your NEW Shareholders' Rights & Directors' Risks To Avoid Being Charged Now!

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We bring you Unlimited 7 Days Access to Compact 7 Hours Company Law  Tax Planning Training featuring Dr Choong Kwai Fatt as the Speaker. 

7 CPD 450 Minutes

Learn at the comfort of your own time and space, anytime within  the 7 Days. Now you have the ability to pause and rewind to areas of high concern to you. 

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Company Secretary will not be held liable, but Directors will !

Director Need to Know Your Risk

Company Secretary will not be held liable, but Directors will ! The stake is high, manage your risk.
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Who has the FINAL SAY ? NOT the Shareholder?

Shareholder Need to Know How to Protect Yourself

Who has the FINAL SAY ? No longer the Shareholder.
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Company Law is also Bread and Butter of an Accountant.

Accountant need to advice clients and know what you should do.

Company Law is also Bread and Butter of an Accountant.
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Company Secretary

After Companies Act 2016, company law is never the same.

Company Secretary need to know how to execute the changes.

After Companies Act 2016, company law is never the same.
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Company law 2020 Important changes & updates

Take the guess work out of the Brilliant change in Companies (Amendment) Act 2019 + The Company (Amendment) Bill 2020

With the NEW passing of Companies (Amendment) Act 2019. This Seminar gives you the knowledge needed to keep abreast with the substantial changes to Malaysia Company Law. With New Risks and Unexpected shift in the Power of Shareholder and Directors. While be ready for the heavy weight change coming into force due to Company (Amendment) Bill 2020

Dr Choong Will Show you how to Bridge the GAP of Company Law and Tax

Company Law is the foundation for all businesses. It gives everyone a framework for how to act and operate. It holds people, businesses and government accountable for their actions. Without predictable rules and patterns to follow, doing business would be chaotic. Tax planning will fail without setting up the right structure for company and appropriate profit extraction approach by shareholders and directors. 


One of the most painful application of Company law is when there is dispute between Directors and Shareholders or sudden demise of shareholder. It cast great dilemma on Director, Shareholders, Auditors, and internal and external Accountant. Stakeholders who are ill informed on change in Company Law will be stuck and make graved decisions. These applications will be covered in your Company Law seminar.

On the other hand, Shareholders always think that they have all the Power to direct Directors to act according to their wills and wishes. Do you remember story of Steve Job, where he was kicked out from the company he has founded? Same goes with WeWork? Groupon co-founder? It happens more frequent than we see in the news. What you can do to prevent being Kicked Out of Your Own Company.

Important Question you need immediate answer to Change in COMPANIES RULES AND REGULATIONS

Shareholders having the Final Say in the ultimate Decision Making? 

Ignorance is not an excuse in the eye of law, Directors need and must know the Latest Risks involved. 

Company Secretary must know that Companies (Amendment) Act 2019 is
NOT the same as Companies Act 2016. 

Company Law is also Bread and Butter of an Accountant.  


In business world we need clarity on the basic question of “Who can sign, when can sign and who else need to sign”. This stability is now disrupted by Companies (Amendment) Act 2019.

Accountant not involves in company law? Despite Company Secretary is the one who legally “administer” company law procedures and processes. Accountant is the one who is stuck in a catch 22 situation. 

Accountant usually being perceived as only in charge of account. In reality they are the one who carry out the consequences arising from change in company law. Accountant need to deal which the question of : “Who has the power? Who can approve these payment? Who can access the accountant? What if director pass away suddenly? If there is dispute, which side I need to be on?

Lets face it, in most companies Accountant is the one who does the calculation, writes the checks, directors is the one who sign them. Accountant read the contract, comment on them. Negotiate for price.

Be it financial controller, the C-Suite or director all faces the same challenge. Especially now that there is a change in execution of legal documents. Who can sign, when can sign and how many people need to sign. 

Who will execute the transaction and entries. Especially when it involves power and right to manage company, access to accounting records and access to bank.


This Company Law 2021 would completely reveal the Directors’ Responsibility and the Risks exposure within the Company Law regime. Shareholders’ Rights and the needed procedures to claim its rights whenever circumstances demand it.

The content includes but not limits to the following:

  1. Change in Directors’ Responsibilities and Duties – what is your job duties NOW and what procedures need to change in order to adhere to them now?
  2. Directors’ Risks and Exposures –Don’t just know the risk, you need to know how to manage them now?
  3. The ambit and scope of dreadful “Breach of Fiduciary Duties” – How much wider is it now?
  4. Urgent appointment of New Directors in the case of Shareholders’ dispute – The procedures needed to carry them out correctly?
  5. Dramatic Resignation of Directors in the situation of “Distress” – Procedures and Step-by-Step Guidance will be shown
  6. Breach of Fiduciary Duties by Directors – What are the preferred Shareholders’ Decisions and Actions now?
  7. Derivative Action by Shareholders to recover Company Loss – Procedures and Step-by-Step Guidance will be shown
  8. Company’s Debt with Shareholders’ Personal Guarantee – What are the current “far fetch Effects” and Complications involved?
  9. Issuance of New Shares – How to determine the Price Value of the Shares Issuance?
  10. Incorporation of New SME to seize the Tax Rebate of RM20,000 per year for 3 years – How to carry them out Effectively?
  11. Striking off the Company in Covid-19 pandemic era – How to do it correctly?
  12. Setting up in-house Secretary via joint secretary with external secretary – What you need to know and do?
  13. Types and Categories of Documents “really” require Director’s Signature
  14. Appointment and Removal of Company Auditor – the Must-Know New Processes
  15. Demise of Shareholders – Appointment of Directors by Will and its validity, how to deal with them
  16. Dividend payment with solvency test – guidance and application
  17. Issuance of redeemable preference shares to procure funding supporting business operation
  18. Termination of employment and reemployment for business survival – company, directors, shareholders and employees’ perspectives
  19. NEW Companies (Amendment) Bills 2020 – Know what are the business risks, complications and implications
  20. Beneficial ownership reporting framework – the highly requested guidance and practical applications
  21. Shadow Director – Effect of NEW change of rule in relation to shadow director and what you need to do about it from both company law and tax perspective.   

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We are HRDF claimable. 

Who is this for?

Created for Business Owners, Accountants, Financial Personnel, Company Directors and more…

(Personnel involved in Managing the Company)
Shareholders and Directors are exposed to Personal Risk of Travel Restriction, Personal Liability to pay for “Tax Undercharged” and Company Bankruptcy. Therefore Shareholders and Directors must have personal understanding of what are the latest risks they are facing and ensure the right safeguard is in place. Especially to take advantage of available Tax Incentives, Business Recovery, Corporate Restructuring ideas and Tax Planning Opportunities. 
(Applicable to all industry)

(CEO, CFO, General Manager and Financial Controller)
To ensure the company continue to prosper and remain relevant, be ready for Malaysia Budget 2021 and get to know what are the major changes in Government’s direction which impact Businesses Direction. Where Economy, Taxation and Business Direction need to be known. The Decision Makers must be well advised and comprehend the significance and be able to plant the right seeds and direction for the company.

The Advisors need to gear up and patch up your dose of Know-How from this Annual Malaysia Budget 2021 Seminar in view of this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that is happening locally as well as internationally.
Get the Latest Malaysia Budget 2021 Approach implemented by ruling Government, latest KNOW HOW and New Action Plan needed.

Applying a MFRS and SST are tough enough, plus Companies Act changes which is bringing Malaysian Business Structure change and cut across all industries in your accounting work. NOW there is another wave of change in New Government Business Direction with the regards of Covid-19 that you MUST BE READY FOR.

How will it affect your Business Direction, Accounting Entries, Documentation from now onwards and all the compliance requirements and thresholds involved. There are ample work to PATCH UP on the missing UPDATES.

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Grab these rare Malaysia Company Law 2020 Opportunities.

Dr Choong is a speaker with long list of titles. He is not just great at tax planning and law, he has the qualification and highly sought and respected by peers be it in the tax, education or legal industry.

Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of UK (ACCA), a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA), a member of Certified Practising Accountants of Australia (CPA, Australia), a member of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), a member of the Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA), a fellow member of the Malaysian Certified Company Secretary (MACS) and a member of the bar in Malaysia.

Take a look at what those who have attended Dr Choong’s seminars have done for others.


Dr Choong Kwai Fatt

Dr Choong Kwai Fatt is an acknowledged tax authority and a leading tax specialist in Malaysia, highly sought after speaker and provided tax consultancy services to listed companies, audit firms, legal firms and the Malaysian Government for more than 25 years.

Like a diamond with multiple façade, Dr Choong shines for his depth of tax knowledge, rare combination of skill and experience derived from being a speaker, writer, researcher, advocate and solicitor, consultant and his passion towards tax education.

Collectively this has resulted in his outstanding presentation skill and charming persona as a speaker and advisor.

Join this seminar.
Grab these rare Malaysia Company Law 2020 Opportunities.

How will the course be conducted?

Online Video Learning

An Important Online Video Course by Dr Choong Kwai Fatt

We will deliver the seminar via our online Learning Management System on our Unique Online Learning website. We will send you :

  1. Access Code and the details for your to sign in. 
  2. You will be given 7 Days Access upon the date you sign in;
  3. The pdf version of the course material are all accessible and downloadable from the website. 
  4. You will be given access of 3 month to post 10 tax questions to Dr Choong.

7 Days Access

You will be given the sign in details and instruction via email. The video learning is accessible anytime for 7 days.

10 Questions, Answered by Dr Choong

Get direct access to Dr Choong. Be it question on implementation, technical question or clarification on any of the content in the course.

Seminar Materials

You will be given the sign in details and instruction via email


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7 Days Access

Watch anywhere, anytime, as many times as you want!

8 Learning Modules, 500+ Minutes of Video Content

Everything you need to know to start tax planning for 2021.

10 Questions (Answered by Dr Choong)

Get personal advice from Dr Choong. Where you can send in 10 questions within 3 months, Dr Choong will send you written answer personally to your inbox.

Playback, Rewind Anytime, Anywhere

Tax planning require clarity and structure. Being a video based learning, you have the freedom to pause, rewind and replay the part of the video you are interested in.

Downloadable Course Notes

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RM 700 RM900

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We provide both. The view online or the download pdf version. 

Join this seminar.
Grab these rare Malaysia Company Law 2020 Opportunities.


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Yes, we do understand plans are always subject to change. Do provide us the name 10 Days prior to the event date. If change of name were to notify after we have printed the Certificate of Attendance, reprinting of cert can be done with a Certificate Reprinting Administrative Fees of RM 100.

No. We wish we can answer yes to this. Our Seminar is based on latest and most up to date information, rules and regulations, with a cut off point of 1 to 2 weeks before the event. The earliest date for us to get the seminar materials from the Trainer/ Speaker is 1 – 2 days prior to event date. In this regards, we will have to turn down all request to deliver materials prior to event date.

Unfortunately, most of the sessions will not be repeated. Should there be a similar session, you can change to other session of the same event, subject to availability.

We can accept replacement by informing us via email 10 days prior to the event. 

For last minute cancellation, unfortunately we allow refund since seating arrangement with venue and printing of materials have been arranged and put in place. We invest heavily in printed materials to ensure participants has all the resources needed. 

Yes. This seminar does not just cover the surface Updates or Latest Developments, it covers the most crucial question : “How to implement and embed them into my Company System?”

Join Us and Expect to take away How Practical Solutions and Implementation Pointers.

We distinguish ourselves based on three areas. We are specialist in arranging effective and quality seminars.

We are also reputable seminar organising company loved by listed companies, SME, and professionals. Especially people who value quality, compact and practical content.


Our Participants mainly consist of Corporate Leaders, Practitioners and Senior Executives, we hold firm to the view that we must do all it takes to maximise learning and impact in a minimum amount of time. We take pride in providing the most updated and well researched information.

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