Latest TAX UPDATES with priceless TAX PLANNING during Further Expansion and Economic Recovery

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We bring you 1 Day Special Annual Malaysia Budget 2022 Tax Planning Seminar featuring Dr Choong Kwai Fatt as the Speaker. 


Limited seats available, subject to first come first-served basis. 

This Zoom session is created especially for those who prefer Remote seminar.

Click here if you prefer to attend the physical face to face session at Sheraton PJ instead.

Business & Employee's Tax Planning From Budget 2022 : Your Most Important Annual Tax Updates & TAX PLANNING

The Finance Minister, Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul bin Tengku Abdul Aziz surprised the business community with various jaw-dropping tax changes during the Budget 2022 announcement on 29 October 2021.

Move out from K-Shaped Economic Recovery 

This Budget 2022 is the biggest budget expenditure ever. It is here to seriously move out from the K-shaped economic recovery. 

With Cukai Makmur expected to harvest RM33.8 billion from the big players. This round government has a plan and can flood the market with cash from grass root up. 

Ready for the flush of cash? 

There is so much work to be done. So much tax planning need to be in place. Those who are equipped with tax planning will no doubt have a big smile on their face when they pay tax next year.

Budget 2022’s Two Big Shock

We expected Budget 2022 to support industries that experience rapid economic expansion and also to shift out from the tabooed K-Shaped economic recovery. 

We are all surprised by two shivering tax changes : 

  • Taxing foreign-sourced income
  • Cukai Makmur 

Budget 2022 Taxing foreign-sourced income


The government will lift the foreign-sourced income exemption in 2022? Remove paragraph 28 Schedule 6? Or a new section added to specifically tax on a particular area of foreign income? We all have been in the territorial scope tax era for far too long. Altering the scope of charge for a country’s tax system is a serious matter. 

Remember a few years back when we first shift to a single tier, we all need to be updated. That’s the attitude we should have for the aforementioned systemic change. Assess the real impact and know how to respond on a timely manner.

There is lot of concerns on : 

  • How far back can the government reach? 7 years or unlimited? 
  • How deep into our pocket can government reach?
  • Impact on foreign investment?
  • What measures we can take as defence
  • How to assess and mitigate

Income, capital and derivation question no longer academic

These question has long been regarded as academic and only the tax lawyer’s homework.

The government gave up on imposing capital gains tax on shares this year, shifted to eye on foreign source income. It is now something that you and I should know to self assess and mitigate the impact of foreign activities. 

Know what should be documented and how bad the real scenario is. How long is the chain reaction?

With this Budget 2022 tax planning seminar, you will finally be crystal clear and has the game plan in hand. 

Robin Hood Tax (Cukai Makmur) ?


With the Edge featuring headline of:

 “RM33.8 bil wiped off market capitalisation on Bursa Malaysia in a knee-jerk reaction to ‘cukai makmur’ (Prosperity tax) proposal”. Cukai Makmur is an unwelcomed surprise. 

Put aside the Robin Hood argument in support of Cukai Makmur. There is a substantial opportunity cost here it is a 9% spike in tax (24% to 33%). We need to be reminded of the fact that the objective of a business is nevertheless to maximise profits for itself or its stakeholders. Similarly, it is in the company’s interest to manage its cash flow with tax planning. 

By understanding how this Cukai Makmur works and moving fast grab the unique tax planning now to mitigate this sudden huge outflow. 

With any risk, there will always be great opportunities


Those who are ready prosper, while the laggers are stuck in complain, lemon and regret.

Reform RPGT 


To make the property market more charming, the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) exemption is in place in Budget 2022. 

Profit from the lower taxes together with RPGT exemption on Group Restructuring, Succession Planning and Deceased Estate Management is up for grab this Budget 2022.


The Tax Family all under one roof. Completely updates on all three aspect of taxation: Income Tax, RPGT and Sales & Service Tax. 

Budget 2022 Tax Seminar - Trio of taxation

#PS: Also includes transfer pricing updates

Other than compliance update, there are so many tax planning waiting for you, they are part of the long list of exciting changes you should look out for in this Budget 2022 tax seminar!

Tax is Not Forgiving.

Ignorance in Tax come with a very Pricey price tag.


All in one Budget 2022 tax seminar.

Get Most Up to Date Tax Planning.

Cover all THREE areas of taxation.

Tax Recovery continue to be IRB’s theme in 2022


Especially with Transfer Pricing coming into effect on 1 January 2021. With lots of updates and changes on going. Government need to collect in order to spent on development. While transfer pricing is there to combat Shadow Economy, and it needs to be achieved via highly active Tax Audit and Investigation. The cat is coming, are you prepared?

Budget 2022 Zoom Seminar : Business & Employee Tax Planning

After 2 years of Covid-19, it brought lot of changes in our life. It also reflected on one glaring fact: those who are able to response fast prosper.

It has created lots of Opportunities. This Unique Annual BUDGET 2022 
Tax Updates and Tax Planning via Zoom Sessions with Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt is a MUST ATTEND. Place in your hand those URGENTLY NEEDED Business and Employee Tax Planning for your Budget 2022.

Be benefited from the eager push by government, at the comfort of your home or office via live zoom session with Dr Choong.

Know where to update in your business be it existing Business Structure, or Employees’ Packages, also on documentation. 

Budget 2022 tax seminar

We are eager and look forward to seeing you in this Live Zoom Session. Stay safe and healthy!


Grab these rare Malaysia Budget 2022 Tax Planning Opportunities.

what’s covered


Contents includes Tax Updates & Tax Planning but are not limited to just the following:


This seminar is conducted virtually via Zoom. Do expect to receive post Budget updates and developments till 31.3.2022. 


Grab these rare Malaysia Budget 2022 Tax Planning Opportunities.




The estimated timeline for Budget 2022

Part 1 (Income Tax)

9:50 AM


Check in 10 minutes before the session commencement to resolve any hiccups and be familiar with arrangement for the seminar. 

# Dr Choong usually start early, so do show up earlier so that you don’t miss out on the important content.  

10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

  • Latest changes from Budget 2022

  • Tax Planning for Companies – SME and non-SME

  • Tax Incentives – Its Implications and Applications

  • Mergers and Acquisition of companies

  • Exciting RPGT reform in the Property Market

Part 2 (Questions & Answer) 12:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Part 3 (Employee and SST)

2:00 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Employees’ Grants, Subsidies and Tax Incentives

  • SST further Reform and Transformation

  • Latest Tax Recovery Strategy by IRB

  • Transfer Pricing Changes and Developments

Part 4 (Questions & Answer) 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm

…. More content may be added as changes where relevant from Budget 2021 prior to event date.

How the seminar is conducted?

Live Zoom Seminar

BUDGET 2022 – An Important Date with Dr Choong

We will send you :

  1. The reference book prior to the seminar,
  2. The Zoom link with instruction within one week from the seminar date; and
  3. the pdf version of the slides too so that you can make relevant notes to ease studying of the materials. 
  4. The Q & A link to submit your questions: Prior, During and Post seminar. 


Grab these rare Malaysia Budget 2022 Tax Planning Opportunities.


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Grab these rare Malaysia Budget 2022 Tax Planning Opportunities.


Created for Business Owners, Accountants, Financial Personnel, Company Directors and you of course.


93% of our Participants consist of Senior Management and Key Decision Makers.

Budget 2022 tax seminar person, woman, asian

Here's 2 main reasons why management Level love our seminar :

Concise & Packed with practical "How to"

Experienced Senior Management appreciate the fact that the more they legally slash from Tax, the more Profit they can easily retain in the company.

We Cover Risk Management

Tax Risk Management is on the shoulder of Senior Management (especially Directors), compliance and right documentation free them from lots of Tax Headache and be confident when they faced with Tax Audit and Investigation.

[One Last Secret: We notice most of our frequent attendees get promoted Very Fast in their respective Company. I suppose, those who can create high impact on company's $$$ will tend to get priority to be headhunted for promotion when it is available.]


Grab these rare Malaysia Budget 2022 Tax Planning Opportunities.

dr choong kwai fatt - tax speaker

Dr Choong Kwai Fatt

Dr Choong Kwai Fatt is an acknowledged tax authority and a leading tax specialist in Malaysia, highly sought after speaker and provided tax consultancy services to listed companies, audit firms, legal firms and the Malaysian Government for more than 25 years. 

Like a diamond with multiple façade, Dr Choong shines for his depth of tax knowledge, rare combination of skill and experience derived from being a speaker, writer, researcher, advocate and solicitor, consultant and his passion towards tax education.

Collectively this has resulted in his outstanding presentation skill and charming persona as a speaker and advisor.



Grab these rare Malaysia Budget 2022 Tax Planning Opportunities.


Most frequent questions we received.

Our budget seminar is popular because we cover TAX PLANNING. 

Conventional Budget seminar are created with the objective of just updating participants on latest changes. 

Knowing tax changes help you to remain compliance.

Knowing tax planning provides substantial TAX SAVING. 

Unfortunately, most of the sessions will not be repeated. Should there be a similar session, you can change to other session of the same event, subject to availability.

Refund is not possible as all seating arrangement with venue and printing of materials have been arranged and put in place. However, we can accept replacement by informing us via email 10 days prior to the event.

Yes. This seminar does not just cover the surface Updates or Latest Developments, it covers the most crucial question : “How to implement and embed them into my Company System?”

Join Us and Expect to take away How Practical Solutions and Implementation Pointers.

No. The CPD stated on the Certificate of Attendance is as awarded by the Training Provider in recognition of the hours spent learning with the respective Speaker/ Trainer.

Unfortunately, it is subject to the discretion of the respective institution whether or not to accept the point or otherwise.

Yes, we do understand plans are always subject to change. Do provide us the name 10 Days prior to the event date. If change of name were to notify after we have printed the Certificate of Attendance, reprinting of cert can be done with a Certificate Reprinting Administrative Fees of RM 100.

No. We wish we can answer yes to this. Our Seminar is based on latest and most up to date information, rules and regulations, with a cut off point of 1 to 2 weeks before the event. The earliest date for us to get the seminar materials from the Trainer/ Speaker is 1 – 2 days prior to event date. In this regards, we will have to turn down all request to deliver materials prior to event date.

We distinguish ourselves based on three areas. We are specialist in arranging effective and quality seminars.

We are also reputable event organising company set up to organise Advanced Tax Planning event. Our motto is to encourage the policy of “Plan Your Tax, Do NOT Evade Tax.”


Our Participants mainly consist of Corporate Leaders, Practitioners and Senior Executives, we hold firm to the view that we must do all it takes to maximise learning and impact in a minimum amount of time. We take pride in providing the most updated and well researched information.

Yes, our events are HRDF Claimable*
(*Subject to PSMB’s approvals by Participants). However do note that HRDF has new guideline on the claiming of HRDF on online training. Where there is restriction of RM 500 per day (with minimum of 4 hours training conducted over 2 days). 

This applies to Company that is contributing to HRDF Fund.

Usually for live training as per the information we gather from Participants over the years, register and get the Invoice first.

Then, together with the Brochure, submit both Invoice and Brochure to HRDF for pre-approval (usually takes about 3 to 5 working days).

Once pre-approved, please proceed to  make payment to Synergy TAS PLT.

Company can claim back the money from PSMB after participants attended the event by submitting both the Certificate of Attendance and Official Receipt from us.

For Online training, HRDF do impose additional criteria. Such as the minimum number of hours and the minimum number of days and maximum number of participants per session. Do check with HRDF for more information on this. 

If you have the latest updates as to how to claim HRDF, please do share with us via event@synergytas.com.

Thank you for sharing! 


Grab these rare Malaysia Budget 2022 Tax Planning Opportunities.

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