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Microsoft Excel exam (MO-200)

Microsoft Office Specialist Program is the only official Microsoft-recognized certification program for Microsoft Office globally.

Get Internationally Recognised

The Microsoft Office Specialist Program is the assessments of skills and knowledge through project-based testing. Giving students and professionals real-world exercises to evaluate their Microsoft Office skills.

This guarantees that every certified user has demonstrated the ability to command the full features and functionality of Microsoft Office, preparing them for current and future academic or workforce opportunities.

Quick Fact

Who is it for?

This Exam designed for spreadsheet user with intermediate level of excel skill.

Want to get certified as “Proficient Excel User” to showcase your skill and expertise. This is the certification for you! You can be completely new to excel, or a seasoned user interested in upgrading your skills or an excel user struggling to create or analyse tables and charts. No matter where you’re, this course will take you from where are to where you want to go in the world of the spreadsheet.

This course is your ticket to certify you excel skill and gain an internationally recognised Microsoft Office Specialist title. No need to ask for help from other to analyse data, create tables and report. Move on independently to the self-sufficient mode.

Imagine this...

The next time you sit down to use the spreadsheet, you create beautiful tables, summarise data visually. Customise and print spreadsheet has never been easier. Clean and well-organised reports and computation. Using the right function and formulas at your fingertips, navigating and preparing tables is always at your finger tips.


Best of all, obtain the internationally recognised Microsoft Excel Specialist certification is added to your current list of skills in your resume.


That’s what your will get by sitting for this Microsoft Excel Specialist Exam.

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It is time to upgrade your skill, get certified !

Add, microsoft excel Specialist to your resume.

Microsoft Office Specialist certification makes a difference!

MOS certification helps you present yourself as truly knowledgeable and differentiates you in a competitive job market. If you’re a hiring manager, identifying candidates with MOS certification helps you in making job placement decisions.


People do judge! How you present your Excel, does speak loudly about your professionalism.

Everyday we are flooded with huge data sets. There are so many things to record, data, table and charts to prepare. People do judge! How you present your Excel, does speak loudly about your professionalism.

Most people have surface-level Excel skill. So much time spent on arm twisting and, try to bend things. Get certified and make excel works! Avoid wasting much of your time and your team’s time on ineffective usage.

Being a Spreadsheet Pro you will know the right bell and whistle. Use spreadsheet confidently, save time and reserve precious brainpower on things that matter.

There are so many best practices to ease your workflow first, then, structure your Excel with the right component needed with team member who uses your excel file.

Choose your pricing

Select whether you want to sign up for just one exam or multiple exam.


RM 400
per exam
  • Mock exams in preparation for the certification exam
  • Globally recognised Microsoft Excel Exam (MO-200) – 1 Attempt


RM 350
Per Exam
  • Register in group of at least 3 pax; or sign up for at least 3 exam (words, excel expert, powerpoint).
  • Enjoy additional RM 50 discount. Entitle to attend each at RM 350 only.

simple 5 steps enrollment process

Fill up the online registration form.

Receive invoice, make online payment.


Reserve the
exam date 


Sit for the 50 min project based exam in our exam center.


Awarded with
MOS-200 certificate immediately

It is time to upgrade your skill, get certified !

Add, microsoft excel Specialist to your resume.

impact of
mo-200 on work performance

Microsoft Office Specialist certification Increases employee proficiency for all job-types

  •  99% of all certification participants substantially increased their Microsoft Office “know-how” by becoming MOS certified.
  • 89% of supervisors say that Microsoft Office
    Specialist certified employees are more proficient users of Microsoft Office programs.
  • 83% of employees use the knowledge and skills
    gained through certification often.
  • 82% of certified employees said becoming MOS certified gave them more confidence in their abilities.
  • 85% of supervisors say that Microsoft Office
    Specialist certified employees are more
1 %
Increases skill
1 %
more proficient
1 %
more confident
1 %
More productive


Most frequent questions and answers

Exams are primarily performance-based and conducted in a “live,” or simulated, environment. Exam candidates taking exams for MOS 2007 or 2010 are asked to perform a series of tasks to clearly demonstrate their skills. For example, a Word exam might ask a user to balance newspaper column lengths or to keep text together in columns. MOS 2013 presents the candidate with a project to build, with tasks and steps that build on each other.

A typical exam takes up to 50 minutes.

A Microsoft Office Specialist exams are administered by Certiport. Certiport authorise exam centers in respective country. We are proud to say we are one of the authorised testing center. We look forward to serving you. 

MOS exam in Malaysia are conducted in english. 

Exam results are displayed on your screen immediately after you complete the exam. You need a score of at least 70% to pass the MOS exam. Those who pass will receive (by mail) an official certificate within approximately two to three week. 

It is time to upgrade your skill, get certified !

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