For Human Resource & Payroll Personnel


When you attend this Payroll Tax Planning Seminar :
– Have certainty and a Great Channel to clarify your Concerns and Doubts.
– Conducted by highly reputable and practical Tax Speaker.
– Attended by fellow Human Resource peers, the Questions and Answers session is very practical and effective.
– Equipped with latest Tax Optimised Remuneration Packages.


You Need to be the Expert in Employment Tax

The role of Human Resources has evolved. Staffs and the Inland Revenue Board are expecting more from the Human Resources (HR) department.

In terms of Tax Knowledge and the ability to explain, HR personnel need to justify and provide technical reasoning in relation to Tax Approaches taken in relation to the employee’s Remuneration.

Inland Revenue Board (IRB) is taking an active step by conducting Payroll Tax Audit. As Human Resources, you do not just perform administrative role, you are also expected to be an expert when it comes to Employee’s Taxes.


Avoid Tension between Staff and HR

Dispute over which is the Right employment tax approach? Especially when you are taking a different approach from their ex-employer.

It builds up tension, doubt and suspicion. Especially for senior management and technical talents where their remuneration is high and demand a more refined remuneration package.


You are EXPECTED to create Optimised Tax Remuneration Package

Human Resources is NOW expected to provide staff with MINIMISED Tax Remuneration Packages. Upgrade your skills Now and probably after attending this Payroll Tax Seminar, you have a good reason to request for a good pay raise and Bonus this year. 🙂

Being an expert in Payroll Tax is just one Payroll Tax Seminar away.

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